Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing (PGDDM)

Digital Marketing is now an indispensable part of any effective marketing campaign, because of its targeted reach, customized messaging, low costs and huge availability of data for analysis. Students who wish to get something new in the field of Digital Marketing and are interested in knowing the fundamentals of Marketing and Digital Media are well suited to this course. PGD in Digital Marketing generally focuses developing and planning a digital platform, gaining expertise in social advertising which helps in representing a firms motto on social media, finding the digital research tools and enhancing the customer engagement. This course is also concerned with the modernization of various marketing platforms. This course is best suited to those students who want to get employment in the field of Digital Marketing and who have a sound knowledge of the field of Marketing. Students seeking admission to PGD in Digital Marketing program should possess various skills such as verbal, analytical and logical skills. Students must possess time management skills as well as leadership qualities to excel in this field .PGDDM students have numerous career possibilities as Lecturer/ Teacher , Digital Marketing Specialist , Marketing Manager ,Content Writer , Social Media Manager , SEO Analyst.

Duration – 1 Year/2 Semesters

Eligibility – All those candidates who have passed Graduation in any discipline from the university recognized by UGC.

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